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The Psychiatry Studio Team welcomes you to the benefits of Fullscript as one of our resources for health and wellness supplements.  By being a member of Psychiatry Studio, you can enjoy a discount on supplements including Vit D, Omega 3, and Melatonin recommended by our providers. 

If you would like to order supplements or have any questions, please reach out to for details and an exclusive account just for Clinic Members.

Light Therapy


Portable Light Therapy Glasses 

ReTimer lets you sleep naturally using the effects of light therapy on the human body clock.

Re-Timer is worn while you are awake, in the morning or evening, depending on how you wish to influence your sleep. A typical use schedule is daily for 30-50 minutes each day. Re-Timer delivers light from below your eyes for maximum performance.

You have the option to either collect it during your upcoming appointment, schedule a convenient office pickup or, if you prefer, we can arrange to have it shipped to your location, shipping fee applies.

If you would like to order medical devices or have any questions, please reach out to for details.

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