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Who are we?

Psychiatry Studio is a boutique Chicago-based private psychiatric practice that aims to promote the mental health and wellness for children and youth in the community. To achieve our goal we focus on a few specific areas: Clinic, Schools, Community outreach, and advocacy. 

Psychiatry Studio provides telepsychiatry and in-person appointments and employs the latest technology with HIPAA-compliant platforms for all communications. Our diverse team currently consists of three physicians, medical assistants, and office administration staff.

Psychiatry Studio @ Clinic

 is a membership-driven practice. This structure provides personalized patient care and more time to spend with each patient, offering  a more holistic and individualized approach to treatment. At the clinic, child and adolescent Psychiatrists will provide  assessments, diagnosis, evaluations, education, supportive therapy, and psychotropic management when appropriate.They will receive high levels of support from the staff at the clinic. Collaboration with other providers, such as physicians in other disciplines, psychologists, therapists, and coaches, to coordinate care for your patients is an essential part of the concierge model. For some, it's the most rewarding part of the practice as they work closely with their colleagues. However, it's important to note that this approach may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who prefer a more individualistic approach to patient care. 

Psychiatry Studio @ School

is dedicated to improving the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents through individualized care and evidence-based practices. As a candidate, you will have the opportunity to work with school administrators, teachers, parents and students to support and address the mental health of youth in schools. 

Psychiatry Studio @ Community

is a unique opportunity for a passionate psychiatrist to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents who are from underserved regions and in need of mental health care. You will have the chance to be part of a team committed to advocating for those who may not have access to the resources while providing high-quality and personalized care.

Psychiatry Studio @ Advocacy

is dedicated to advancing the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry through teaching opportunities at academic centers, where you can inspire the next generation of mental health professionals. You will have the chance to become a faculty member, mentor medical students, residents, and fellows, and contribute to the growth and development of the field while expanding your own professional horizons.

Responsibilities and Duties

As a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, you will have the opportunity to provide psychiatric care in various outpatient settings, including our concierge clinic, community clinics, and school consultation services. This position primarily involves working in schools, with the option to be involved in community and concierge clinics. 



  • One day per week commitment 

  • Consultations are at school in person 

  • The consultations involve meetings with school staff, students, and parents

  • After the meetings, the provider generates a comprehensive report



  • Half-day per week commitment for medication management clinic

  • The physician works alongside in a multidisciplinary team consisting of a nurse, therapist, case manager and young adult patients.



  • Psychiatry Studio clinic requires a minimum commitment of 7 hours per week.

  • Developing a caseload at the clinic usually takes around 6-9 months

  • Appointments can be as long and as frequent as clinically needed.

Job Benefits

  • Competitive compensation package 

  • Bonus and CME allowance after the first year.

  • Psychiatry Studio@school and @Clinic  has a high staff to physician and patient ratio to offer support. 

  • Flexibility in scheduling and and working arrangements to accommodate personal and professional commitments when clinically appropriate

  • Opportunity to work with a diverse range of patients, including children, teenagers, and young adults

  • Advocacy at academic centers and collaboration with non for profit organizations to promote the field of mental health 

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Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

Professional Medical licenses in good standing in IL  (or ability to obtain) 

Active malpractice insurance upon the start date 

Ability to comfortably use telemedicine and electronic medical record platforms 

In-person and virtual clinical work


EMR training and clinical support is ongoing to ensure our physicians feel comfortable in their roles.

Type of position

This is a part-time contractor position for one year with the potential to grow into a full-time role based on the candidate's drive. 

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