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Comprehensive Student Assessments

Data suggests one in five children and adolescents in the United States have a mental or behavioral disorder and six to nine million young people have a mental disorder associated with significant functional impairment. Yet, only a fraction of the youth who need mental health services receive them, especially from child and adolescent psychiatrists. 


Identifying youth in need of mental health services improves the outcomes and can lower morbidity and mortality related to psychiatric disorders such as substance use, suicide, and other impulsive, risky and destructive behaviors. Because an estimated 95% of all American youth are enrolled in schools, this venue provides a logical point-of-entry into mental health services for young people.


At Psychiatry Studio, our physicians facilitate the early identification and referral for at-risk students to ensure schools and students receive timely support and interventions. 

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Student Assessment Services Include:

  • Identifying at-risk students

  • Psychiatric diagnosis evaluation 

  • Impact of symptomatology on school performance 

  • Therapeutic placement recommendations

  • Safety evaluations

  • Identification of and collaboration with clinical teams in the community

General Mental Health Consulting

In addition to comprehensive student evaluations, our physicians are available to provide guidance and counsel about general mental health and wellness initiatives at schools, including: 


  • Mental health policies and procedures 

  •  School-based mental health interventions

  • Developing and delivering preventative strategies 

  • Providing educational speakers 

  • Reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness


Together, we can work to bring mental wellness to schools and focus on early identification and support for at-risk students.    

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