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Insights from school administrators 

Overall the process went very smoothly with a student that was difficult to schedule. Psychiatry Studio was flexible with accommodating the time preference of the family.

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Psychiatry Studio @School is dedicated to enhancing the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents in educational environments. We specialize in partnering with public school districts, private schools, and cooperatives to offer the necessary resources for a successful academic year. Whether you're a school representative, district administrator, educator, or a related services staff member, our team of certified clinicians and professionals is here to support you.

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We offer three pillars of service:

These components stand-alone or in combination, providing schools and communities with the resources needed to improve the mental health, well-being, and success of students in need of extra support.

Comprehensive Student Mental Health Assessments


Mental Health and Wellness Support Services


On-site Mini Mental Health and Wellness Clinics

Comprehensive Student Mental Health Assessment

A student has been identified at school with concerns about behavioral or emotional regulation. This student may benefit from a comprehensive mental health assessment. This assessment allows our clinicians to provide tailored recommendations for the educational team, student, and their family, in order to understand and support the student more effectively.

Mental Health and Wellness Support Services

Our clinicians are available to provide guidance and counsel in the areas of general mental health and wellness. This includes active participation in 504 Plans or IEP meetings, developing and delivering proactive strategies, consultations with educational teams, and close collaboration with school leadership on mental health policies and procedures.

On-Site Mini Mental Health and Wellness Clinic

We provide a convenient on-site clinic that caters to the needs of at-risk students. Students dealing with anxiety or strong emotions will no longer have to wait months for access to external providers. Furthermore, our clinicians will support the student and their family, to make appointments with providers in the community. Once the initial appointment with the outside provider is completed, the Psychiatry Studio @School team will be available to assist in transitioning the student’s care.

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