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What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Makki has an extraordinary gift of understanding my concerns and past experiences. She has been more helpful to me than any other professional I have seen. I am truly grateful for finding her.

I want someone who listens to me and talks to me like Dr. Singh!

I am sooo grateful that Dr. Hill let me talk about all of my concerns & gave me the time to do that. I am happy that she agreed to continue to work with me.

Sara, thank you! You have always responded so quickly since day one. Much appreciated!

We have worked with Dr. Makki for over  9 years. She has always been knowledgeable, professional, kind. My son has been able to not only stabilize but grow and mature and flourish.

Dr. Hill is a very caring and knowledgeable psychiatrist!

Dr. Makki is consistently an excellent, trusted partner and advisor!

Dr. Hill is absolutely wonderful!

Sara, thanks again for being so nice and making me feel like a person and not just another number!

Dr. Makki is a top doc!

Dr Hill is very empathic and  understanding. I enjoy working with her.

We have been very happy with Dr. Makki.   She is an exceptional doctor!

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