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Our Clinic


Our full-service, members-only concierge psychiatry practice serving a small number of patients with a focus on quality over quantity. We stand out among concierge practices by maintaining a higher ratio of staff per patient, providing the flexibility to be extra attentive during and in between appointments. The greater accessibility to our staff and doctors often reduces the need for higher levels of clinical care, such as residential facilities and hospitals, and helps patients transition back into their lives faster and more successfully. We value our relationship with each member and take the time to listen and address every concern thoroughly, thoughtfully, and promptly.

Our Doctors

The Psychiatry Studio team consists of a group of highly qualified medical doctors specializing in psychiatry, and mental health and wellness. Our physicians take extra steps to remain up to date with scientific health and wellness news and research, and we bring cutting-edge information to our clinic. We believe in partnering with you to find evidence-based options that best fit your path to wellness including using laboratory and genetic testing, and recommending natural and dietary supplements when appropriate.

Around the Clock Care

Our highly trained medical staff is available around the clock, assisting members with all medical-related needs promptly and efficiently. The administrative team works tirelessly to ensure your care is always hassle-free. 

Old Alarm Clock

When the need arises and a member requires services outside Psychiatry Studio, we help you with every step to finding referrals in the community, enabling you to receive quality treatment as quickly as possible. 

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