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Concierge Membership
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As a member of Psychiatry Studio, you will receive the highest level of support from our team, not just during appointments, but between visits as well. Health and wellness questions, concerns, or emergencies may arise at any time and we provide personalized attention to you and your situation. We will work with you and your treatment team to build the right cadence and level of support. 

These premium services and access to our physicians are made possible through the annual membership fee.

Membership Benefits Include:


  • Our staff is always readily available to assist 

  • We partner with you on your health journey

  • High staff-to-patient ratio

  • Quality of quantity care

  • We engage in proactive health management

  • Peace of mind

Medical Assistant Care

  • Fast and efficient Medication refills

  • Other medication-related tasks including; prior-authorization requests, finding coupons, and locating pharmacies when medication availability becomes an issue 

  • School, camp, FMLA, and other forms completed promptly

  • Lab requests directly to Quest, just show up!


  • Clear and stable billing process

  • No hidden costs

  • Members will have access to statements on the day of service 

  • Statements contain billing codes necessary to submit to insurance providers for reimbursement 

  • Members are responsible to send statements to their insurance if desired

  • Psychiatry Studio is not on the panel with any health insurance providers

Medical Care

  • Appointments are always with a licensed medical doctor 

  • Yearly clinical review and planning with your doctor

  • Direct access to your physician 


  • Easy appointment scheduling 

  • Punctual appointments

  • No crowded waiting rooms

  • Flexible office hours

  • Telemedicine and in-person appointments available 

Studio Shop

  • Access to pre-selected nutritional and health products recommended by Psychiatry Studio physicians

  • Discounts on health and wellness products at online stores affiliated with Studio Shop

  • Individualized recommendations for members by your physician when indicated 

Collaborative Care

  • Close Collaboration with outside therapists and medical doctors including the primary care or others 

  • Direct communication with schools and other agencies when appropriate 

  • Individualized referrals to highly vetted medical and clinical providers


  • Integrated HIPAA secure electronic patient portal to coordinate care, receive appointment reminders, complete forms, and securely communicate with your clinician

  • Confidential medical records will not be shared with insurance companies or other outside parties, unless requested

For more information about concierge membership benefits and dues contact Psychiatry Studio. 


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