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Psychiatry Studio Advocacy

Welcome Dr. Milind Joshi our newest member of our Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry Studio Team!

Welcome to Psychiatry Studio

We are accepting new patients,
in-person and virtual appointments


We are a team of medical doctors and professional staff dedicated to providing mental health and wellness through treatment, education, and prevention. Our philosophy aims to create long-lasting and meaningful therapeutic relationships with each of our clients. 

To extend our commitment to mental health and wellness, we partner with local schools, community centers, and medical institutions advocating for mental health support and services for the well-being of the community now and for the next generation.


Our Team
Accepting new patients and consultations

We are dedicated to providing a patient-first healthcare experience.

Psychiatry Studio @ Clinic

Psychiatry Studio is a membership-based psychiatric practice. We offer comprehensive evaluations and thoughtful individually tailored ongoing recommendations to address our members' needs and concerns.


We treat people of all ages. Our adolescent and young adult team specializes in the assessment, treatment and support, of youth during their individuation phase.  As they take on life’s many transitions including; going off to college, taking a gap year, starting a new job, or whatever those plans may be we help craft plans and strategies to support them.

Our Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists are available to work with children and youth as young as three with emotional or behavioral dysregualtion including ADHD, developmental, pervasive, or learning disorders.

Opening Door to Home Office
Psychiatry Studio @ School

Are you a school representative, school district administrator, educator, or related services staff member? Psychiatry Studio @School specializes in collaborating with public school districts, private schools, and cooperatives to provide the essential tools for a successful school year. Our  team of certified clinicians and professional staff is dedicated to boosting the mental health and wellness of children and adolescents within the educational setting. 

We offer three pillars of service; Comprehensive Student Mental Health Assessments, Mental Health & Wellness Support Services, and On-Site Mini Mental Health & Wellness Clinics. These components stand-alone or in combination, providing schools and communities with the resources needed to improve the mental health, well-being, and success of students in need of extra support.

Psychiatry Studio @ Community and Advocacy

We partner with communities, non-profits, and media organizations, offering our expert knowledge and unique point of view on mental health. We specialize in providing topical interviews, speaking engagements, and educational seminars. 

Our physicians are instructors at medical institutions and universities in Illinois, and globally accredited medical institutions. We teach Psychiatry to fellows, residents, and medical students. Teaching the future generation of clinicians to be attentive to evidence-based science of psychiatry and mental health, keeps us on the cutting edge of medical science and treatment practice.

Convenient Locations

Northfield, IL

Willow Hill Executive Center

550 W. Edens Frontage Rd.
Suite 2800

Northfield, Illinois 60093

Chicago, IL

180 N. Michigan Ave,

Suite 1025A

Chicago, Illinois 60601

Chesterfield, MO

100 Chesterfield Business Pkwy.
Suite 200

Chesterfield, Missouri 63005

St. Louis, MO

3636 S. Geyer Road

Suite 100

St. Louis, Missouri 63127

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